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    Welcome to version 1.2 of Strategos, a mod intended to step up the game on Civilization VI's combat system. The current version adds twenty-two new units to the game along several new and existing unit lines:

    1. Escorts - These units (Escort and Bodyguard) have high mobility and the ability to impart that mobility onto all units in their formation. They are ineffectual on offense but receive a substantial (+20 point) boost on defense, making them ideal escorts for vulnerable civilian and support units.

    2. Naval Escorts - These units (Balinger, Galleon, and Transport) function just like the escorts above, except on water. While occupying an admittedly small niche in the current meta, I plan to implement changes in future patches that make embarked land units much weaker on water, thus emphasizing the important of naval transport units such as these.

    3. Support/Mobility - These support units (Stablemaster, Wagon Train and Convoy) have no inherent combat strength. They project a 1 tile aura that increases the movement speed of all melee, ranged, and anti-cavalry units of their corresponding eras by 1.

    4. Support/Combat - These support units (Prefect, Captain and Lieutenant) also have no inherent combat strength. They project a 1 tile aura that increases the combat strength and experience gained of all units of their corresponding eras.

    5. Support/Auxiliary - These support units (Auxiliary Archer, Auxiliary Musket and Sniper) have no inherent combat strength, making them extremely vulnerable on defense. However, they all have offensive ranged capabilities of some sort, making it imperative to keep them stacked with actual units. 

    6. Support/Healer - These support units (Herbalist, Healer, Medic) apply the very powerful Mamluk bonus to all units in adjacent tiles, making one of them a virtual necessity for any prolonged offensive campaign. Healer and Medic also apply a small buff to healing.

    7. More Naval Carriers - Two new units (Deceres and Ship of the Line) belonging to the naval carrier class previously occupied by solely the aircraft carrier. These ships have a reasonably strong inherent melee attack for their era, as well as the ability to be outfitted with siege weapons the mimic the effects of bomber planes. These new "bombers" (Deck Catapult and Cannon Battery) are immobile units that can be rebased from city to city as well as to the decks of naval carriers. They have a range of 2 and a bombard strength comparable to the weapons they're based off of, meaning a fully loaded Deceres or Ship of the Line packs quite a punch.

    8. Another Naval Raider - The Liburna, an early naval raider available at currency that is capable of coastal raiding and invisible unless adjacent.



  • speaker_notes Installation

    Move the two folders (Base and DLC) into the Civilization folder on your computer where there should already be two folders of the same names. Allow the mod to overwrite files where necessary. Don't worry! Nothing is being deleted from core game files, only expanded, so you'll still have full functionality with
    the base game as well as most other mods.

  • event_note Changelog

    Version 1.2

    -Added a line of naval transport units (Balinger, Galleon, Transport) that function just like the land-based escort units, with higher defense than offense, and the ability to share movement with all units in formation. In future patches, embarked units will be made much more vulnerable to make these naval escort units a vital part of troop transport across oceans.

    -Added two new naval carrier units (Deceres, Ship of the Line) which function as antecedents to the modern Aircraft Carrier. Both are capable only of melee attacks, but may be mounted with two new immobile siege units (Deck Catapult, Cannon Battery) that function like bombers with a range of two.

    -Added the two aforementioned siege units (Deck Catapult, Cannon Battery) which are capable of executing bombard attacks while "based" at a city or naval carrier unit.

    -Added a new naval raider unit (Liburna) to the Classical era which functions as the antecedent to the Privateer and Submarine. 


    Version 1.1

    -Added a line of support units (Auxiliary Archer, Auxiliary Musket, Sniper) that can use their ranged attack while being stacked with other combat units. Their ranged attack is weaker to compensate, and they have no combat rating at all - meaning any attack will kill them if they're not on the same hex as a combat unit.

    -Added a line of support units (Prefect-Captain-Lieutenant) that provide a buff to combat strength and experience gained for all adjacent units. 

    -Added a line of light cavalry units (Escort, Bodyguard) that share their movement speed with all units in formation. They are weak on offense, and comparably quite strong on defense, making them ideal civilian escorts.


    Version 1.0

    -Added a line of support units (Stablemaster-Wagon Train-Convoy) that provide a movement bonus to adjacent melee, ranged, and anti-cavalry units. The intention is to make offensive strategies reliant on these units competitive with offensive strategies dependent instead on the light and heavy cavalry lines. 

    -Added a line of support units (Herbalist-Healer-Medic) that provide the very powerful Mamluk healing bonus to all adjacent units. The latter two tiers also add a stacking healing bonus, although that bonus has been decreased from vanilla to compensate for the addition of the Mamluk ability.


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